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Q: Is there any charge for consultation?
A: No, the visit is free, we onlcy charge for work not for consultancy. 


Q: How long does a kitchen or bath project usually take?
A: It always depends on the work, size and needs to be done, but an average size kitchen can take from two to six weeks but we can increase the staff to finish the as per your time line. 


Q: What do your clients need to do to prepare for a project?
A: The only thing our clients need to do is take the stuff out of the cabinets and drawers and we will do the rest. And if you need help with that, just let us know! 


Q:Will someone need to be home when the work is being done?
A: No, our clients are provided a schedule at the start of their project. All we need is just a key. 

q & A


Q: How do I know the job will get done on time? 
A: As far as time, nobody can promise an exact day and time, however as much as we possibly can we will come in on time, and hold your hand throughout the whole process.


Q: What about pricing? 
A: After surveying the competition, we know we may not be the least expensive, however we are fair, and certainly not the most expensive.


Q: I want furniture that matches with my paint colors and tiles but I cannot find any.
A: We can customize furniture for you to match your wall and tiles.


Q: I want to buy my entire stuff by self, could you suggest me the right plance.

A: Defiantly, we will suggest you the best shop to buy and help you to get good discount under the company name.

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